Pain-Proof Your Life Online!

If you're in pain or chronically injured, you can improve your healing potential by learning HOW to move rather than just relying on someone else to try to fix you.

ProBalance® PT & Pilates Studio

The ProBalance® Studio is located in the San Francisco Bay, minutes from OAK Intl Airport.  Our studio attracts both local and distant clients for in-person services.

Pilates Teacher Training

Includes both Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training as well as Advanced Continuing Education taught by and/or hosted by Ada Wells, PT at ProBalance.


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Pilates Teacher & Educator, and Golf Rehab Specialist, Ada Wells has helped thousands of patients and clients including sports/life enthusiasts, celebrities, high level athletes, and even other movement/rehab practitioners learn how to harness their own healing and performance potential by tapping into the...