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As seen in... (2)The Hidden Danger of Vacuum Insulated Bottles
The Huffington Post
Here, I share a personal experience where I nearly lost an eye from a Vacuum Insulated beverage bottle exploding in my face.  Please only use water or beverages that do not have the potential to ferment if unintentionally left for a period of time.

4 Exercises Joint Specialists Would Never Do
Prevention Magazine Online
When it comes to working out, most of us want expert advice on what to do to get the best, quickest results while staying safe. Yet it can be just as important to ask the pros what exercises to steer clear of—especially if you want to avoid injuries. That’s why we queried joint specialists around the country about what moves they avoid at all costs. Here are the exercises they say come with the biggest risk, and what to do instead.

11 Most Common Training Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Golf Injuries: Prevention & Management (Home Study Course 25.2)
Orthopedic Section of the American Physical Therapy Association
This 3-monograph series will educate the registrant on the kinesiology of the golf swing, injury prevention strategies, and comprehensive rehabilitation program design. The authors have exceptional backgrounds and experiences in treating the golf athlete. Each monograph is designed for the registrant to be able to immediately apply the content to patient care. In addition to the written work, one author has created a library of video clips showing numerous exercises that can be used at various stages of rehabilitation.

Pilates for Him
Health Club Management
Most Pilates participants are currently women, yet men can also benefit from the regime, offering operators a significant opportunity to grow the category. Ada Wells offers commentary on her experiences with working with men in the Pilates environment. Pg 54-55

Alignment is Everything: How to Overcome Knee Pain with Pilates
Pilates Style Magazine
How to overcome knee pain using Pilates. Page 58-59.

Adding to the Athlete’s Rehab Arsenal
Rehab Management
Feb 2002
Pilates is effectively integrated into a sports rehabilitation program through proper-timing, movement, and practice.

Building a Cash Based Physical Therapy Practice
Physical Therapy Products Magazine
How to build a cash based Physical Therapy & Wellness practice using Pilates. Vol 24, Issue 7 pg 16

Cruising Boater’s Workout DVD & Manual
Featured in Cruising World Magazine & Strictly Sail Boatshow
Finding ways to stay fit while cruising can be challenging because of space constraints for both performing exercises and stowing equipment. This guide shows you how to get a comprehensive, Pilates inspired workout, including flexibility, strength, and core stabilization training using items already found on your sailboat.

Pilates Power (Cover story)
PT Products Magazine

How to add Pilates to your private practice.

Getting it Straight
Dance Teacher Magazine
How to Recognize and Teach Dancers with Scoliosis. Pg. 105-109